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5 Techniques on Dealing with Anxiety

You have a big presentation coming up at work, your final exams are just around the corner, you keep thinking about if you’ve saved enough for Christmas presents and paying rent this month. You just can’t seem to sit still and relax, an everyday task such as going out to the shop suddenly feels overwhelming and impossible. Does this sound like something you’re experiencing or have experienced before?

This is anxiety. This is your mental health.

Anxiety is a naturally occurring experience and all humans will experience symptoms of it at some stage in their life. It is usually a physical reaction or response to the build-up of anxious or worrying thoughts over time.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety can be complex and vary widely between people. But generally, if you’re suffering from anxiety, you find it very difficult to relax (especially mentally) and can feel overwhelmed by what are usually simple activities. These symptoms can persist for weeks or months and interfere with work, social and family life if not treated.  Here are some symptoms of anxiety to watch out for:

  • preoccupied with negative worrying thoughts
  • restless and on edge
  • fatigued easily and often
  • irritable
  • sweating often
  • tightness in chest
  • worrying about death and dying
  • changes in appetite or weight
  • abdominal pain or constipation
  • pounding heart
  • needing to do excessive exercise
  • disturbed sleep
  • avoiding contact with friends or taking on too many activities
  • neglecting your interests or overdoing them
  • having difficulties in your home and family life

What can you do?

If you recognize some of the above symptoms or are worrying about feeling anxious in general here are our top 5 techniques on dealing with anxiety and starting your wellness journey.

Talk to Someone

The first and best thing to do is to talk to someone about how you’re feeling and what’s going on with you. This can be a family member, a close friend or someone at work.

Seek help from a trained professional

The best person, however, that you can talk to is a qualified psychotherapist. A trained professional knows how to work with anxiety and anxious thoughts and will provide skills and strategies to work through your negative or worrying thoughts.

Moderate Exercise

Mild to moderate exercise is a great tool for dealing with anxiety. Anxiety is related to a build-up of stress chemicals in our bodies and this will help release them. It is important to avoid hard out exercise as more stress chemicals will be produced. Some regular walking, light running, a burst of push ups, or throwing on some boxing gloves and hitting a bag for couple minutes are all excellent exercises you can do.

Sweat it out

You can passively sweat out the stress chemicals in your body by sweating it out. Go to sauna, have a hot bath or attend a hot yoga class.


Meditation in general is a great way to lower tension in the body and mind and is a great habit to get into on a regular basis. An easy way of doing this is to download a meditation app and just start listening.

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