By choosing an online consultation, you eliminate the need to travel to see your GP and spend valuable time in the waiting room. You can access a GP now from the comfort of your own home or workplace.


   You can see a GP whenever you want, wherever you are, on your computer or mobile device. If your consultation results in a prescription, your GP will fax it directly to your chosen pharmacy or post it to you.


 VideoDoc offers GPs the technology to see their own patients. In Ireland, the patient/doctor relationship is unique. VideoDoc ensures this unique relationship is maintained and enhanced by modern technology.


   We have gone to great lengths to make sure your medical records stay between us. We are proud to say that we meet the highest standards of internet security.

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Our Mission

Technology may be at the core of how we work, but VideoDoc is a healthcare company at heart. And our mission is to make healthcare better.


To do this, we’re putting your healthcare in your hands, whether you are a doctor, employee or individual. VideoDoc is not simply a video portal between a patient and doctor. It’s a complete clinical solution that combines the best attributes of the hands-on medical profession with the convenience of modern technology.

Through collaborating with Ireland’s most trusted doctors, hospitals and employers, we have become one of the leading online healthcare technology providers. We have increased access to high quality, convenient and affordable healthcare. And by always putting our customers first and working non-stop to exceed their expectations, we’re only going to get better.

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