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Beating the January Blues

The holidays are over, the twinkle lights are gone, and you’re back at work facing those cold January mornings. It’s safe to say that most of us may not be thrilled with this change of pace. So, it’s no surprise that traditionally the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday – falls on third Monday of January every year!

We sat down with our psychotherapist Jason Brennan to give you the best 5 tips on beating those January blues and starting your year well!

  1. Plan Ahead

We just came from a season filled with holiday gatherings, catching up with friends, and parties galore – so walking into January with no plans can be a bit dreary! Stay on top of your social life and plan a few activities with family and friends. Even just staying in and having a game night or heading to the cinema to catch the newest flick will be helpful. Remember to stay in touch socially!


  1. City Break or Winter Sun

If you’re feeling on the more adventurous side, why not plan a one-night city break or if your wallet will allow it, chase some winter sun. Maybe even a road trip across the country to visit somewhere you’ve never been before. What about a fun day out on the train, remember what it was like as a youngest going on a train? Bring back this feeling! This is a great way to have something to look forward to and keep you motivated!

  1. Get Outside

Even though it might be a chilly winter day it shouldn’t stop you from getting outside and getting some clear head space! Head up to the mountains for a weekend hike with your pals, or even down to the beach for a Sunday stroll with the family. Getting fresh air and taking the time to connect with nature and disconnect from technology is a fantastic way to stay active and relaxed!


  1. Work on those New Year Resolutions

We all set (or at least thought about setting) New Year resolutions a few weeks ago, that we may have already forgotten about. Taking the time to really work on them and stay on track is a great way to keep motivated in January. Getting active, keeping a journal, or learning to play an instrument are all healthy goals and activities that will help keep you in a positive and motivated mindset. Don’t be hard on yourself when you’re not achieving them – just keep proactively problem solving and planning to execute them and you will get there!


  1. Talk to Someone

If you really feel like the January blues are getting to you, and you are experiencing more regular sad and low moods, look into talking to a professional as to why you’re feeling so demotivated. It’s not a good idea to allow these feelings and symptoms to fester for too long, but to be open and transparent as much as possible. Our mental well-being is just as important as our physical health, and when they both go hand in hand we achieve real results. Take good care of yourself this January and enjoy your year ahead!


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