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Children Anxieties Around Halloween

Here comes Halloween – we’re about one week away from the most Spooktacular day of the year!

For a lot of children, Halloween is a fun and exciting night, an excuse to stay up late on a school night and dress up as their favourite superhero! If you have an anxious child, however, they may be less than thrilled for the season and what goes bump in the night. We’ve put together some tricks & treats on how to plan a happier Halloween experience for your kid!

Tricks & Treats


  1. Talk about Halloween
    • Let your kids tell you how they’re feeling and let them know that you understand that they are scared and that these things are meant to be scary. Talk about how we dress up to make fun of what can be scary.
    • Explain Halloween to your child, tell them some of the history behind the day – for example do they know it’s historically an Irish celebration. Explain that it’s all just costumes, makeup and make believe.
  2. Design your Child’s Happy Halloween
    • If certain houses are too creepy while trick or treating skip that and try the next one – do a counting game of how many houses there are on the street.
    • If knocking on a door and saying trick or treat is too scary, let them know they can try again next year – but if they want that chocolate bar they’re going to have to knock on the door!
  3. Find the Right amount of Exposure
    • Build their courage to face progressively bigger fears by taking small steps and build their confidence, help them try and see what can be fun about the silliness of dress up.
    • If all the Halloween decorations are too scary, try walking your child around the neighbourhood during the day and approaching the displays. Play a game about how ugly the decorations are or how smelly they could be.
    • On the night they may just want to walk the familiar neighbourhood without trick or treating at all, which is fine. They might enjoy picking out their favourite costume – who do they think would win the prize of best costume?

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