VideoDoc: Healthcare Benefits for Employees

Employees are the backbone of every business, so taking care of their health and wellbeing should be every employer’s biggest priority. Happy employees create a united team, making the workplace a much more positive – and productive – place to be. Employee absenteeism is also putting huge financial strain on businesses; in Ireland alone, sick days are costing companies more than €1.5 billion every year.

But, it isn’t just businesses which pay the price. By taking time off work to visit their GP, employees risk falling behind at work, sacrificing their own time, and losing pay. In fact, employees in Ireland are away from work an average of 5.8 days per year. Although the majority of these visits are motivated by minor illness, the consequences can become quite major over time.

With this in mind, it isn’t difficult to see why more and more businesses are signing up to VideoDoc. VideoDoc is a fantastic service for when your employees need basic medical advice, would like to discuss a prescription, or are deciding whether they should visit A&E for a non-emergency situation. Many of these issues can be solved by a short consultation, however waiting lists and overrun appointments often leave your employees absent for a couple of hours. With registered GPs and only the highest level of confidentiality, VideoDoc allows your employees to solve a huge number of issues without having to leave the office.

Providing VideoDoc as one of your employee health benefits will be hugely advantageous to your business. Offering healthcare benefits for employees will not only make them feel more valued and secure, but instant access to registered GPs also means that they don’t have to spend weeks feeling ill before they see a doctor. A happy team is a productive team, so health care benefits are valuable to both employers and employees.

Absenteeism costs money. If you’re ready to revolutionise the way your employees tackle sick days, make an enquiry today.

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