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Getting the Most out of an Online Doctor’s Visit

Learn how to get the most out of an online doctor consultation with these handy tips from VideoDoc.


Tips for Employees

If your company has provided you with access to the VideoDoc online video doctor consultation service, or you have downloaded the app on your own, here are a few pointers to help you get the most value out of your online doctor appointment.

Be Prepared

Even if you are planning to talk to the video doctor about an illness you are experiencing for the first time, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have notes on your medical history near you. It’s also very helpful to the doctor if you have a list of any medications that you are taking on hand also.

If you are planning to use your smart device to access the online doctor consultation service, make sure that your device is charged before you commence the video session. If you are calling from a noisy area, ensure that you have headphones, so you can hear what the doctor is saying. You might intend to show the doctor some physical symptoms, thus, requiring your device’s webcam to be active to allow a visual exam. When using a laptop or PC you may be prompted to grant the VideoDoc service permission to access your camera and microphone.


Logging in and Payment

If you have a corporate subscription you will have been given login information from your HR department or another member of staff. Your online doctor consultation will likely be covered by your company’s subscription and you will not have to enter any payment details.

If you are responsible for paying for your own consultation and are a first time user you can register your details on the site or through the IOS or Android App, then pay for your visit using a debit or credit card.



It’s very easy to get started with your first consultation. Just remember the following tips before you log in:

  • Set up your equipment
  • Light the room
  • Have your login and payment information ready
  • Have a printer for doctor’s notes or referral letters
  • Call from a fixed position
  • Have medical history and list of medication handy



Unlike a clinic or your Doctors’s office you’ll be face-to-face with a video doctor in minutes once you activate the service, so make sure you have everything you need to hand.

Remember that sometimes an online video doctor may refer you to your Doctor you present with an ailment that they are unable to assist with during the video consultation.

Find out more information about the types of illnesses and sickness that a video doctor can help you with.

Tips for Employers

If you are an employer that is responsible for implementing the VideoDoc service throughout your organisation, you might find the following tips helpful.


Remind Employees of VideoDoc

If your company provides corporate VideoDoc subscriptions to its employees, one of the most helpful things you can do is remind them that they have access to it. If you have a company newsletter that is circulated on a weekly or monthly basis, you can include a note reminding employees that they have access to the online doctor consultation service.

In our article, How To Create A Dedicated Space For Online Doctor Consultations In Your Workplace, we recommended that you put together a document to put beside the computer screen in the dedicated office to remind users how to start an online video consultation. Why not upload this document to the server and link to it in your newsletter?

Mention VideoDoc During Times of Need

In October 2017, Ireland was visited by Hurricane Ophelia which led to some schools, businesses and public services being closed for safety reasons. Occasions like this are the perfect opportunity for employees and their families to avail of an online doctor consultation if they so require.

If you are responsible for letting employees know that your place of business will be closed via email or text alerts, use the opportunity to let them know they can avail of an online doctor consultation for free as part of their employee benefits.


Extend the Service to Employees’ Families

As an employer, you can choose to modify your corporate subscription to VideoDoc by extending the service to cover employees’ families.

One of the reasons that covering your employees’ families could be beneficial for your business is reduced absenteeism in the workplace. If your employees are feeling the effects of colds, flu or other illnesses they may be able to soldier on a day or two under the weather until they can see a doctor, whereas when a child is ill there can be more distress and disruption. Opening up VideoDoc access to your employees’ families can help prevent this.

VideoDoc offers effective health care for everyone and is particularly convenient for those who work the traditional 9 to 5. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, ensure you extract all of the benefits from your subscription, using these tips as a starting point.

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