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How To Create A Dedicated Space For Online Doctor Consultations In Your Workplace

Everything you need to know in order to set up a dedicated room in your organisation for your employees’ online video doctor consultations.


There are numerous benefits to making a video doctor app available to your employees, from lifting morale to minimising absenteeism. However, when such services are in place, it’s equally important to ensure that your employees are fully aware and reminded of its availability.

For many organisations, providing a dedicated space for employees to make use of the videoDoc platform in complete privacy has proven to be a highly effective way to promote the availability of the service.

Here are seven steps to get your dedicated consultation room up and running.

Step 1: Secure a Room for Online Doctor Consultations

Like with a regular Doctor visit, privacy is key. It’s unlikely that employees will be comfortable discussing private medical information out in the open, so a cubicle or a corner in the office won’t do. Open up a discussion with the relevant people, be they the office manager, HR rep or wellness officer about commandeering a disused room for the purposes of online video consultations. Ideally, the room can lock from the inside and an ‘occupied’ sign can be hung up outside. Try and secure a room that is in a quiet part of the building, or at the very least, a room that is as soundproof as possible.

Step 2: Equipment

Some employees might prefer to access a PC or laptop for their online consultation rather than using the app. Make a working microphone and a webcam available and this is perfectly doable. It’s important that the computer is connected to a stable internet connection. If you are using WiFi, test the connection using Skype or another video calling service before any consultations take place.

Set up the computer on a desk, along with a comfortable chair for the patient to sit on. The videoDoc platform allows patients to upload photos during the consultation to help clarify symptoms of an illness.

Keeping in mind those who prefer to use the virtual doctor app on their phones, it’s a good idea to provide a phone charger just in case battery levels are running low.

Step 3: Light the Room

Due to the private nature of an online doctor consultation, it’s best practice to choose a room with no windows, or at the very least, a room with window blinds that obstruct any view from the outside. As well as a light that will let the doctor see the patient, provide a desk lamp or torch that can shine additional light on an area the doctor needs to see. This might include illuminating the eyes or throat, for example, to help the doctor make a diagnosis.

Step 4: Plug in A Printer

Providing a printer or a fax machine to employees in this room will further help them keep track of their own medical records. They can print sick notes, prescriptions and letters of referrals and keep them in the diary in case they need to refer to them again during future consultations with an online video doctor or their own Doctor.


Step 5: Provide a List of Helpful Numbers

Sometimes during an online doctor appointment, the doctor may need to contact your local pharmacist, clinic or another health facility near your office. Print out and laminate a list of these numbers and have them placed permanently beside the computer. Also, leave pens and papers beside the computer in case patients need to write down any tips or advice from the doctor as well as the spellings of medications.

As the room will serve as a health resource of sorts, it’s the perfect room in which to put up a message board with leaflets for support services for a variety of different illnesses and other information that promotes awareness days and healthy lifestyles. This might include sports days or healthy eating workshops that your company may be providing, for example.

Step 6: Run a Virtual Doctor App Training Course

To help employees get the best use out of an online doctor consultation with videoDoc, run a training session for staff about the benefits of an online doctor consultation. The session could help them set up their user profile and give a step by step demonstration of how to use the videoDoc service.

You could also put together a handy PDF with essential information and email it to employees.

Make it clear to employees that they can access the virtual doctor app on their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.

You can also refer employees to our blog post that details the instances when using an online doctor app can be most helpful. Explain to employees how useful it is to have their medical history in a journal so they can recite it with ease to the doctor. The same is true of medications, which can often have long complicated spellings or have a brand name which is unfamiliar to the doctor.

Step 7: Protect Privacy

It’s important that employees know that their privacy will be respected by their employer and that their confidentiality with their doctor will be preserved.

If you’re responsible for implementing the videoDoc service in your business, arrange with your IT department to set the computer to delete session information every 30 minutes and disable autofill information on forms to prevent employees seeing other people’s confidential information.

Go one step further and put up a notice in the room reminding employees not

not to leave sensitive data on the computer, for example, photos they have uploaded to the computer that they needed to share with the doctor, or notes they have written on the paper provided.  Also, if any of their documents have failed to print, provide instructions on how to delete incomplete print jobs from the printer queue to prevent it printing during another employee’s session.

Equipment Checklist

  • PC/Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Desk
  • Internet connection
  • Comfortable chair
  • Phone charger
  • Printer
  • Lamp or torch
  • Pen and paper
  • List of helpful numbers

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