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How To Take The Fuss Out Of Repeat Prescriptions With VideoDoc

Learn how to use online video doctor consultations to take the stress out of the repeat prescription process.


Anyone who has ever gone through the repeat prescription process with their Doctor knows that it can be a difficult juggling act when you’re working full time. When refills run out it can be necessary to book another Doctor appointment to allow your doctor to check in on your situation and decide whether to renew your prescription.

A Doctor check-up is a crucial part of the prescription renewal process but there’s no doubt it can be inconvenient for patients:

  • You might be commuting several hours to work, while the Doctor you are registered with is in your home city
  • You might find it difficult to get an appointment during a busy time such as flu season
  • Because of work or family commitments you cannot make your appointment during scheduled times


How to prepare for an online doctor consultation for a repeat prescription

By booking an online doctor consultation, you can get face to face with a doctor in minutes for an assessment and any treatment needed as soon as possible.

Here are some helpful steps to ensure you get the most out of an online video doctor consultation when you need a repeat prescription.

1.     Get familiar with online doctor consultations

If you’re new to online video doctor consultations, firstly learn how to get up and running with VideoDoc. The easy to use service works on your mobile smart device and your desktop. You can check out our frequently asked questions if you would like to know more.

2.     Have your medical records ready

Request your medical records from your doctor so that you can give the online doctor as much information about your situation as possible. If you can get these in digital form you can also upload them during your consultation to the video doctor, along with any photos of symptoms that might be relevant to your condition.

3.     Keep a medical diary

Courses of medication sometimes need to be adjusted depending on a patient’s condition, whether it be an increase in dosage or a new type of medication completely. The decision to do this is usually based on a patient’s reaction to medication or if they get better. To provide the most accurate information possible to a doctor during your consultation, keep a medical diary that documents any changes in health since your last check-up. Skin discolouration, muscle pain, headaches etc. – write it all down, as these could be side effects of the medication you are on. Also document any changes in your primary condition, for example, if you have chronic back pain, take a note of incidents of increased or decreased pain.

4.     Try and schedule a health check

Like your Doctor, your online video doctor will always make an informed decision and act with your best interests in mind. This means that in some cases, doctors will need certain information such as blood tests, urine analysis and more before a prescription can be made for certain medications. If you see an opportunity in your calendar to schedule a health check, schedule an appointment with your primary physician so you can present the results to your online doctor, or they can get in touch with your Doctor and check your most recent results.


Use cases for online prescriptions

There are two groups of people that would be long-term users of repeat prescriptions: women using a contraceptive pill and sufferers of chronic pain. Both these groups could potentially benefit from the assistance of seeking repeat prescriptions via an online consultation.


Online Repeat Prescriptions and the Contraceptive Pill


According to statistics from Catalyst the non-profit organisation that accelerates progress for women through workplace inclusion, women represent 46% of the total labour force in the UK. If you’re a woman using the contraceptive pill, the ability to get your repeat prescription online would save you from having to take time off work to make those frustrating trips to the doctor’s office when you’re feeling perfectly fit and healthy.


Online Repeat Prescriptions and Chronic Pain


According to research from the NHS, 43% of people in the UK experience chronic pain. As the population continues to age, the NHS notes that “it is likely that the prevalence of chronic pain will increase and the need for pain management and relief will grow”.

Furthermore, because chronic pain may not always be life-threatening, it’s possible that people can still work as long as their pain is properly managed. However, if unmanaged or untreated, chronic pain can cause considerable distress and adversely affect mental health.

If you’re a long-term sufferer of chronic pain, you’d likely appreciate the flexibility of online repeat prescriptions more than most.

As well as providing a video doctor service, your employer should be able to provide you with further support. According to Remploy, there are a number of ways that employers can support employees with chronic pain. These include:

  • Discussing the issue and exploring ways in which they can help
  • Offering flexible working that might help you manage your condition better
  • Agree to restrictions on manual handling

VideoDoc and Online Repeat Prescriptions

Once prescribed, an online prescription from a VideoDoc online doctor works the same as a prescription from your Doctor. We can send the prescription to you, or to your nearest pharmacy. A copy of your prescription can be found in your VideoDoc account in ‘consult history’ and if there are any issues with your prescription or if you accidentally delete it our care team can assist you on +44 0203 744 4226.

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