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National Workplace Wellness Day

National Workplace Wellness day takes place on the 12th of April, and here at videoDoc we know how important it is to celebrate this day. videoDoc strive to support their members at work by making it as easy as possible to access expert advice – convenient and affordable and, with the least amount of hassle. The workplaces are where we spend a great deal of our waking hours, where we are, up to a quarter of our lives, on average 90,000 hours or approximately 13 years and two months over our working lifetime and of course there will be times when we need to seek specialised support.

The time we are at work is significant amount of our lives and of our maturing years, where we do a huge amount of growth and learning. It is also where we spend much of our time relating to others – those who site next to us, our colleagues, our managers and yes – even the people who serve us lunch or coffee every time we go to the same eatery. How often do we interact with these same people in a single week or month?

This Workplace Wellness day is a time to reflect on who it is that we interact with and to think about how we are interacting with the people who we spend so much of our time with.

Colleagues who get to see us at our best and of course at times far less than best.

So here’s a very a quick exercise to do this Workplace Wellness day. Ask yourself:

  • Who is it that I see so much of in my workplace?
  • How could I greet them on Friday morning?
  • What could I do to make their day a little lighter and a little nicer?
  • Could I secretly surprise a few people in an anonymous way, just for the fun and feel good factor?
  • Who do I know in work could do with a lift at this time?

If you do decide to practise some of these, the good news is that you will be rewarded too.  Studies show that acts of altruism enhance a persons’ own wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem; while also combating stress, depression and stress related anxiety.

As the old adage goes …… ‘to give it to receive’ and this wellness day is a great opportunity to give and receive some wellbeing.


If you or a colleague are looking for some support or expert advice this wellness day go to www.videoDoc.ie

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