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Say Goodbye To Web MD And Say Hello To An Online Doctor

Thousands of patients are already using online doctor consultations to quickly access Doctors online. Learn how to get the most out of your consultation and discover which conditions are most suitable for treatment by an online video doctor.

Reclaim Your Peace of Mind With an Online Doctor Consultation

We can all be guilty of going online when we’re not feeling well, putting our symptoms into a search engine and then feasting our eyes on the worst. The sheer amount of medical knowledge that is available to patients online does nothing to alleviate our cyberchondria, the practice of searching the web excessively for healthcare information. Until now, an inaccurate self-diagnosis could often be obtained a lot quicker than a last-minute Doctor appointment at your local clinic. Now, thanks to an online doctor consultation with videoDoc, patients can find a happy middle ground in which they can get treated or receive medical advice quickly from a fully qualified doctor.

What Does an Online Doctor Consultation Involve?

An online doctor consultation is like Skyping your doctor or using Facetime. It works just like an in-person visit with your Doctor, except without the stress of arranging an appointment at your local clinic and with the added benefit of accessing the platform from a location you desire.

To get started, use either your mobile device or computer, to sign up for an account and then log into the videoDoc service. From here you’ll be asked a few questions about the reason you are seeking an online doctor’s consultation today including questions about current symptoms you are experiencing and any medications that you are taking. You can also provide any medical history or family medical history at this time to give the online doctor as much information about you as possible, giving them the best chance to make an accurate diagnosis.

The next step is an online chat, which will be face to face appointment with a doctor. Most consultations take place within 10 minutes, but there is also the option to arrange a doctor to call back and video chat you in a few minutes.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Doctors Online?

Depending on the specific case, there are a number of conditions and health questions that can be suitable for treatment by consulting online with a verified doctor. The online doctor chat acts as the first important step on the road to the treatment plan. Conditions that can be suitable for treatment include:

Can An Online Doctor Provide Me With A Sick Note For Work?


Yes, an online doctor can examine you and write you a sick note for work. This could be, for example, for a short to medium term of time for issues like flu or stress in the short term so you have a day off to go for further required medical tests.

Online doctors are also a handy resource when you need a ‘sick note’ that deems you healthy enough to return to work. Check to see if your workplace has a policy in place requiring you to have a fit note to return to work after an absence.

From Where Can I Do My Online Doctor Consultation?

As videoDoc is available as a smartphone app for Android and IOS, your consultation can take place literally anywhere you have data coverage. It can also be accessed on a desktop computer. To help you get the most out of your consultation, our doctors have a few helpful pieces of advice to keep in mind before starting the consult.

1. Treat It Like An Important Phone Call

Don’t forget that after you’ve entered your medical history, symptoms and health info, you will be face to face on a call with a doctor. You’ll need to make sure you can hear each other so you can ask and have your medical questions answered. For this reason, a quiet private space is ideal. Another reason to commence your chat with the online doctor somewhere secluded is that you may have to speak some sensitive personal information aloud.

2. Choose a Well-Lit Area

To give the online doctor the best possible chance of detecting and assessing any physical symptoms you may have, for example a rash, ideally you would start the online consultation from a well-lit room. Another circumstance that would require adequate lighting would be if the doctor needed to examine your throat or tonsils, and needed you to hold the phone up to your mouth. Don’t worry if the lighting of your environment is out of your control, as the videoDoc platform allows patients to take photos on their phone (don’t forget to turn the flash on!) that can then be uploaded for the doctor to see.

3. Call from a Fixed Position

The convenience of the videoDoc service means you can chat with a doctor after or before work from a location that suits you best, but for the best results you should call from a fixed position and not while driving or on public transport. As well as for obvious safety reasons, calling from a static position means you could have more stable data coverage and won’t be too distracted by the road or fellow commuters to answer the doctor’s questions or present any physical symptoms if need be.

4. Have Any Medication You Are Taking Within Arms’ Reach

It can be very helpful for your online doctor if you have any medication that you are currently taking and their relevant labels and packages handy. Sometimes there are competing brands for the same medication and doctors may ask you to read out the generic name so you can show them to the doctor during the consultation and eliminate any confusion.

Can I Get A Prescription Following An Online Video Consultation?

Yes, all of our online doctors have the ability to issue prescriptions for certain medications as they are all verified doctors. These can be posted out to the patient, or in some cases the doctor can communicate with a pharmacy directly. The latter example can be very useful for families travelling on holiday that may need to get an emergency supply of medication but are unable to locate a Doctor.

Will I Still Have to Visit A Doctor Following An Online Doctor Consultation?

Of course, there will always be times when a chat with an online doctor may result in a recommendation to go and see your Doctor in person. This could be because the patient might require further tests involving blood pressure, a urine sample or blood work, to name a few examples. Your online doctor will always promote continuity of care and sometimes this could mean advising you to share details of your online consultation with your Doctor.

Can I Use An Online Doctor Consultation For One Of My Children?

An online doctor consultation is extremely convenient for parents of sick children who are unable to get an after-work appointment with their own Doctor. Like with your own consultations, have your child’s medical history to hand to get the most out of the consultation. With video consultations involving children there is an even stronger emphasis on continuity of care, so doctors are likely to recommend a follow up with your Doctor in person or refer you onto a specialist doctor.

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