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This month is self-awareness month in countries such as the US and the UK. At videoDoc and videoTherapy, we are focused on each persons wellbeing both physical can psychologically. We know that self-awareness and self-motivated action plays a keen part in the wellness of both.

Whether it is checking in to see how your body is or how your mind and emotions are, this is always important information to capture, and especially important to understand when things are not going so well. Listening to your mind and your body is the first step towards wellness, and that at times it can help to reach out and connect with someone to explore more.

Or to simply kick start a plan to help each of us to improve whatever needs to be taken care of then and there. The skills of self-awareness can be grown and mastered and below are a few tips on how to do this.

  • First,choose various times of the day that will best suit your practice of self-awareness
  • Practice at least 2 times a day – but preferable 3, like morning, noon and night (set a nice ring tone alarm on your phone or smartwatch to help you remember)
  • When it is time, stop what you are doing and just take a few deep breaths to help you focus
  • Ask yourself:

    • How does my body feel right now?
    • Where is my energy at e.g. a good level, high, low?
    • Do I feel tired, energised or something else?
    • Where are my feelings at – can I name them?
    • How intense are they? How calm am I?
    • Out of 25 with 25 being the top feel good score, where would I rate myself right now?
    • Am I Ok with this score or is there something I can do right now to improve it?

At videDoc and videoTherapy we are here to help everyone improve their health and wellbeing, just click to connect.

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