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Top 5 Tips on getting through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! Bells are ringing, lights are twinkling, and your family is coming to stay – oh the joy! We all know the holiday season also brings with it a certain level of stress and woe into our everyday lives that not only affects us, but the people around us too.

We’ve put together our Top 5 Tips and Tricks on how to make the most of the holidays when you might not be feeling like the jolliest elf!

1. Make a Budget

It can be easy to get carried away at Christmas with puddings here and holiday parties there, and all the stocking stuffers alongside your Christmas gift list. So, make it easier on yourself by planning out a Christmas Budget. Have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend throughout the Christmas period – from gift wrapping to big screen TVs. Try and stick to it! If you end up saving some, this will be handy for a January surprise.

2. Write it Out

As well as writing out your Christmas to-do list, how about jotting down each morning or evening how you’re feeling. Writing stuff down is not only an excellent way to keep organized, but will help to clear your mind each day too. Start by writing out a list of all the things you want to get done each day – then get to work! If you don’t achieve everything that’s okay, as you will then have the list to help you stay organized again tomorrow. Nothing feels better than crossing items off! Also, by keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings, you can better track and manage how you are doing throughout the season. This will also give you a heads up if things are getting a bit rocky.

3. Give Back

Volunteering or donating toys or clothing is an amazing thing to do during the holidays. Giving back to the local communities is a great way to get involved, do some good, spread some holiday cheer and feel good about doing something very worthwhile. It is also a great way to invest your time and energy into your community, meet new people and build new relationships.

4. Know your Limits

The holidays brings with it a season of excess – drinking, food, sweets, parties, the list goes on and on. An important thing to keep in mind is knowing your limits! It’s easy to get carried away with all the cheer during this time of year, so knowing when you’ve had enough and when to say “no thank you” is invaluable. Your body will appreciate some TLC and looking after. The same goes for your sleep – making sure you’re not over doing it and exhausting yourself completely is vital in staying on top of all the holiday festivities. Remember your routine and try and stick to it as best you can. You’re in this for a long time, not just a good time!

5. Don’t Let it get to you

We all have aspects of the Christmas season that can get to us. Maybe even one or two of our family members who are always very hard on us, might try and put us down or might just be very loud and over bearing. Dealing with these aspects of the holidays will have its challenges, but our top tip here is to not let these occasions overshadow your holidays by not buying in! Try not to let them affect you as best you can. Take yourself away for a breather every now and again, go outside for some fresh air or even a walk. If you do recognize the same familiar behaviour pattern happening again and again – opt out. Simply say that! ‘I’m opting out’ of this conversation and go and find something more rewarding to do. Something you know will make you feel a bit better like connecting with the kids and having fun with the new toys and gadgets. Rest, recoup and rise above.

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