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What happens to your body when you quit smoking?

1 in every 2 people who smoke will die of a smoking related disease.  Although this is a shocking statistic, the thing to remember is that many of these deaths could be prevented by quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Many people who smoke would like to quit, but are worried that they can’t. The good news is that you can quit smoking with the right support. There are lots of ways that you can get help to quit smoking.

1. Talk to your doctor

Seeing your Doctor or your videoDoctor is a good place to start.  Your doctor can refer you to local smoking cessation services, and can also prescribe medicines to help you stop smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, sprays) or Champix tablets. If you are thinking of quitting we are here to help you.

2. Join a local stop smoking service

Support from a stop smoking service can hugely increase your changes of stopping smoking. Visit www.quit.ie to find your local HSE Smoking Cessation Support Service.

3.  Try nicotine replacement therapy

Cigarettes are addictive, and sometimes self-control alone is not enough for you to completely stop smoking.  Nicotine replacement therapy can give you a better chance of quitting.  Nicotine replacement therapy is available in many different forms, such as patches, gum, inhalers, lozenges and strips.

What happens when a smoker quits?

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