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Workplace Stress – We can’t Ignore it any Longer!

A new study released this month outlining work-related stress among employees in Ireland, highlights that workplace stress has doubled between 2010 and 2015.

This study is funded by the Irish Health and Safety Authority and these figures are also reflecting the amount of people seeking support for stress through their medical and insurance providers. Here at videoDoc 1 in every 10 sessions with our doctors is mental health related. The 4 most common mental health issues being:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues

Reflective of this, the new report lists the experience of stress reactions as ‘general fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbance’ and Ireland is one of the countries showing the steepest increase in job stress between 2010 and 2015.

It describes ‘job stress’ as the work demands being too great for the worker to cope with, leading to various stress reactions and affects. These job demands include time pressure, working at speed, emotional demands, physical demands and exposure to bullying and harassment.

Our online doctors are already experiencing in their consultations that many of the top four mental health issues are underpinned by these kinds of work stressors, which are affecting the person physically, emotionally and psychologically. The report goes on to highlight that:

‘Stress is found to be causally linked to poor physical and mental health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and depression, to spill over into family life and relationships, and to impact negatively on firms through absenteeism, increased job turnover and reduced morale.’

Stress in the workplace is not a new thing but this report is showing how it is increasing at a faster rate than would have been predicted based on the growth of income. We have more money than before, but are less content or happier, and are more stressed out more often. More of us are closer to our distress level on a regular basis than before and this is severely impacting our general health.

In response to these figures and higher levels of stress, and to support our online doctors, we now offer online therapy services and stress education workshops. Support from another person during times of stress is one of the fastest ways to reduce the symptoms, effects of stress (as the report also shows) and to recover more quickly.  Co-workers and managers were found to be very important in helping to moderate the effect of these high emotional demands. Talking to a trained therapist is a sure way of quickly helping alleviate stress and through the mental health workshops we provide we are helping front line staff and leaders better manage the effects of this type of stress.

Knowing how to spot stress and how to approach others who are suffering from stress, is a very valuable response to successfully helping manage through tough times. Teammates, managers and leaders play a significant part in being able to talk about stress and suggest what to do next when a colleague is struggling with stress.

We are helping organisations, leaders and staff know when and how to quickly find support. Anyone can find support and access expert advice online by making an appointment with one of our qualified psychotherapists.

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